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Our story

Croatia Full of Taste is a Croatian brand that was created out of an indescribable desire to promote Croatian products and a great love for the product of the hardworking hands of Croatian workers.

“On my travels, I would always look for Croatian products in supermarkets, I have always done that. There is no better feeling when, for example, in the middle of Dubai, you find a Croatian product on the shelves of a small store. That’s when various ideas started to be born,” says the brand’s founder Dragan Pokrivač.

The team at Croatia Full of Taste also includes Alen Mazi and Marko Sedlar.

“The desire for a more modern and different presentation of Croatian products, carefully selected by our team in collaboration with wonderful producers whose main spice is love, gave birth to a story that every tourist who takes it outside our beautiful country will remember through wonderful flavours packed in the most beautiful wooden box.”

Modernly designed boxes contain a range of the same type of product but from different manufacturers. The wood used in the production of the box is pine and comes from Croatian forests.

The brand consists of 18 boxes and over 40 different manufacturers, and the offer will be expanded to even more boxes including boxes for cheese and cured meat delicacies.

There is a variety of wine, olive oil, both Dalmatian and Istrian, acetos, schnapps, spices, sparkling wines, honey and gin boxes already available. 

“We are also thinking about our planet Earth, so Croatian products are packaged in a biodegradable box made of 100% wood, and the colours used are water-based,“ he adds.

Croatia Full of Taste founder also owns another brand – AD Hotel Equipment, whose tradition dates back to 1993, so the tourism sector is not a foreign topic to this team.